The Enigma Of The Eleventh Child


Wenvoe WI met as usual on 5th April at 7pm in the Church Hall.

Once again, the Wenvoe WI gathered in the Church Hall for their monthly meeting on 5th April at 7pm. The Speaker for that occasion was their president who spoke about the enigma of the eleventh child born to Richard Duke of York and was destined to become King Richard III of England in 1483. Portrayed as a Machiavellian tyrant by William Shakespeare in his play ‘Richard III’, and having ruled for just two years, Richard was defeated at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 by Henry Tudor, heralding the commencement of the Tudor era. As Lord Protector of the Realm, Richard did much good for the poor of the land, upholding their rights against the greedy and wealthy Barons, by establishing a Court of Requests. Also, Richard founded the Kings and Queens colleges at Cambridge.

We were pleased to welcome several new potential members to our gathering, and the next WI meeting is scheduled for Thursday 5th May in the Church Hall at 7pm, which will be an Annual General Meeting, to be presided over by Caroline Davies, from the Glamorgan Federation Board of the WI.

Janet Young ( President)