Planning Updates September

Planning Updates September

The following applications have been granted planning permission.

St. Marys Church, Old Port Road. Work to Tree in Wenvoe Conservation Area: Laurel tree to be trimmed to prevent it from hanging over Walston Road

Wenvoe Library, Old Port Road. Work to Tree(s) in Wenvoe Conservation Area: To remove part of multi stem field Maple.

Wenvoe Manor, Port Road. Work to trees covered by Tree Preservation Order 1954, No. 04 – Fell Field Maple (T2) and fell Ash (G2 – x12)

The following application has been withdrawn.:-Goldsland Farm, Wenvoe. Outbuilding – Private gym and Summer house

Application refused – Land adjacent to Station Terrace, Station Road East, Wenvoe. Proposed construction of Berm house. Reasons included ‘occupiers of this dwelling would likely be highly reliant on the private car. Consequently, the development would not support the principle of locating new residential development in sustainable locations, where occupiers have genuine choice of travel modes.’ ‘The proposed development is considered to cause unacceptable harm to TPO no.1’ and ‘the proposed development fails to appraise the biodiversity interests at this site.’ and ‘The proposal fails to make the required financial contribution to off-site affordable housing in the area’.

New library As preparation for demolishing the old library, a survey was carried out, which found that there is asbestos in the building. This is no cause for concern as long as it was not disturbed. Demolition procedures require the removal of the asbestos under special safety precautions. Unfortunately this has delayed the start of the project.

The new start date will be 26th August, with a planned completion 11th October. Unfortunately, this means that the car park will not be available for school parent use until the completion date, although we shall do everything to improve on that date.

The Community Clerk can be reached during office hours Tue – Thur 9am to 1pm and Mon & Fri 2pm to 5pm contact 02920591139 or e-mail Wenvoecc@ Please note, if you wish to visit the clerk it is strictly by appointment only