October Planning Updates

The following applications have been approved.

 5, Larchwood. Alterations to the external windows and doors, including insertion of rooflights to the existing Garden Room at the rear of the residential dwelling.

 Wrinstone Farm. Manege for personal use on existing farmland

 Greenmeadow, Port Road, Extension and refurbishment of Greenmeadow, including raising ridge level and providing new access to property. Some restrictions imposed to maintain privacy of adjoining properti

 11, Vishwell Road. Works including ground floor extension to form new living room, garage extension with new roof, first floor conservatory and loft extension with side dormer for staircase and rear dormer. Some restrictions imposed to maintain privacy of adjoining properties.

 The Rectory, Port Road. Non- material amendment – Development of 12 dwellings and associated infrastructure at Land at The Rectory, Wenvoe. Planning permission ref. 2015/01129/FUL: Development of 12 dwellings and associated infrastructure


The work to improve Old Port Road footway is continuing through the village and is designed to continue to Springfield Close. The Council has been in discussion with the Vale about the proposal to restrict the entrance width of the road into Station Road. There have also been objections from residents about the removal of grass islands, and bulbs, from the entrances to Grange Close and Walston Close.

Another six months closure of footpaths 21 and 22 through the Redrow construction site has been applied for.

The joint welcome evening by the Community Council and Neighbourhood Watch was discussed. Residents at Cambrian Park, St Lythans Park and The Grange have received invitations. The welcome invitation is also extended to any new residents who have moved into the area in the last few years. It is a chance to see what activities the area can offer. This event is on Friday 3rd November at the Community Centre anytime between 6.00 and 9.00pm.

Wenvoe is not immune from the national problem of fly tipping; it continues to be a problem in local areas. If seen either report it to the Council Clerk or directly to the Vale. Cameras have been placed in certain areas to identify the perpetrators.

The police reported at a recent Vale meeting, that there is an increase in burglaries of unoccupied properties. They also gave information about urban drug gangs.

Improvement work on Five Mile Lane. Improvements are expected to commence in the New Year.

The garages in Rectory Close are to be dismantled due to their state. Future use of the land is still to be decided.




August Planning Updates


The following applications have been approved

 5, Larchwood, minor alterations to the external windows and doors, including insertion of rooflights to the existing Garden Room at the rear of the dwelling

 9, Tarrws Close, First floor extension over existing kitchen

 Ty Pica Farm, Station Road East, Storage barn for hay and haylage.

 Port Road Wood, near the Barry Link Road junction. Work to trees

 Land South of Wenvoe and East of Port Road, Variation of Condition 1 of permission 2011/00341/FUL to allow a further period of two years for the implementation of the access and internal site works. This is the site of proposed allotments.

 Brooklands Retail Park, Brooklands Terrace, Reduce 3 Poplars and remove a single Poplar from TPO no. 10 2005

 Mary Immaculate High School, Caerau Lane, Erection of temporary classrooms on existing car park. Extension to existing car park to accommodate 42 extra parking spacesl


There are indications of another leak in the water line to the allotments. The pipe runs from near the Horse & Jockey under the playing field to the allotment ground. Due to the number of repairs to the present pipe the cost of replacing the whole length will be investigated.

There was no police representative at the recent council meeting. A list of the last month’s eight recorded crimes was given.

There are a couple of allotment pitches available, please contact the clerk for details if you are interested in growing your own produce.

The September storms appeared to have caused minimal local damage, the few broken branches in Grange Park have been reported to the Vale Council.

Reports on progress of the improvements to 5 Mile Lane and a public meeting in Pendoylan on possible road improvements to junction 34 were given by the Vale Councillor.

The results of local road surveys were still awaited. Road surveys are not conducted during school or bank holidays to avoid inaccurate results.




July Planning Updates

Planning updates

The following applications have been approved

• 9 Tarrws Close, – First floor extension over existing kitchen.

• 9 Grange Close, Wenvoe Non-Material Amendment – Window alteration to the rear elevation. Discharge of conditions 8. 10 and 13 in relation to planning application 2015/00089/FUL

• Land South of Wenvoe and East of Port Road, Wenvoe Variation of Condition 1 of permission to allow a further period of two years for the implementation of the access and internal site works. The intension is to use the land as allotments.

• Woodview, Garn Farm, Wenvoe Variation of existing agricultural occupancy condition. There are still restrictions imposed on the occupancy of the property.

• Dyffryn Springs, St Lythans Road, Dyffryn Construction of a building to serve as a wedding venue to replace the present marquee.

• Brooklands Retail Park, Brooklands Terrace, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff Reduce 3 Poplars and remove a single Poplar with TPO protection.


The latest drawings received on the proposed Community Centre extension incorporating replacement storage accommodation for the present users was not acceptable and a stand-alone structure will be considered. The Council has also been in discussion with the Vale about improvements to the play equipment to the parks in the community using available 106 monies. Improvements to the present muddy Station Road playing field parking area will also be considered.

Following complaints about the Port Road crossing area by the Walston Castle favoured cyclists and bus users either had to detour to use it or cross via an inadequate island a site visit was held. Although agreed the bus stops would have to remain in their present locations possible improvements will be examined. The restricted road width and problems caused by large vehicles turning into Nant Isaf will be examined at the same time.

The meeting received a welcome visit by the police. The latest crime figures were reported which included thefts from the Walston Castle and the golf club. The police reminded members of the 101 phone number to report any non-urgent matter. The police force across the Vale is looking at the problems associated with school parking and are considering permitting PCSOs to issue parking tickets in future.

Traffic survey measurements are being made on roads around the village to obtain meaningful data measurements are not usually conducted during school holiday periods due to the change in the pattern of vehicle movements.

Following discussions with St Mary’s Church representatives earlier this year concerning the future of the church hall the Council has now received communication from the Church of Wales Property Services with their proposed valuation of the structure. The Council will consider the matter after future investigation.

June Planning Updates

Planning updates

The following applications have been approved

• Typica Farm, Station Road East. Works to trees on grounds of highway safety.

• Land at Burdons Farm. Proposed installation of a 27m lattice mast, supporting 3 No. antenna 2 No. 600mm dishes together with associated cabinets and ancillary development.

• Unit 2a. Brooklands Terrace Retail Park. Non material amendment – Proposed alterations to units 2A/2B, including new service pod, and alterations to roof, elevations, car parking and external areas in order to accommodate requirements of new user -Aldi store food retailer at Units 2A/2B

• Land at the Rectory, Port Road., Discharge of Condition 17 – Watercourse Protection MS. Development of 12 dwellings and associated infrastructure. Redrow Homes Limited.

• Land south of Wenvoe and East of Port Road. Discharge of Condition 3 – New access, parking area and internal pathways to serve proposed allotments.


Progress continues on the proposed Community Centre extension to incorporate the library. Final drawing required incorporating suggested amendments awaited.

It is expected that the Old Port Road beyond the Walston Castle should receive its’ first annual cut soon.

There is increased concern now the new controlled junction at Port Road/Brooklands Terrace is operating, about the amount of traffic passing through the village at peak times to avoid the delays on Port Road. Traffic surveys and review of the sequence times of the lights will be reviewed. Making the village an access only area is almost impossible to enforce. Any no entry, one-way systems etc may deter through traffic but would equally apply to village residents.

A survey of stiles which would need replacing with kissing gates to allow easy access to the Wenvoe Orchards was submitted to the council. This will be presented to the Vale.

The footpath between Twyn-yr-Odyn and The Downs is becoming impossible to use due to overgrowth and will be reported to the Vale.

May Planning Updates

Planning updates

The following applications have been approved.

• 5, Grange Avenue, Wenvoe. Demolition of existing flat roof extension and the proposed rear extension

• Little Hamston, Dyffryn. Extension to the rear of the house which falls under permitted development

• Land West of Port Road, – Redrow development. Wenvoe. Discharge of Conditions 10 – Reserved Matters and Non-material Amendment-Seeking an extension of time to Condition 2 for a one year period.


The annual accounts were presented and approved.

No police representative attended the latest Council meeting. A report listed eight local incidents during the last 30 days.


April Planning Updates



Planning updates



The following applications have been approved.

7, St. Andrews Road – A minor alteration to the previous approved plan to replace existing outbuildings with new ones.

41, Gwenfo Drive – Retention of two storey and single storey extensions to side and rear of property, and detached double garage.

Burger King Culverhouse Cross. – One double sided advertising unit fully integrated into bus shelter

Duffryn House. – The installation of a 1 hour fire door and frame to the second floor of Dyffryn House

Land at the Lawns, Cwrt Yr Ala Road, Michaelston Le Pit. – American barn to provide 3 x stables and a feed store


The appeal by Newydd Housing Association to the refusal of planning permission for the land at the former Bus Depot Site, Chapel Terrace, Twyn Yr Odyn, has been allowed and planning permission granted for the demolition of the existing buildings and residential redevelopment of land to deliver 15 affordable homes together with associated car parking, landscaping, drainage infrastructure and other ancillary development. The full details of the appeal decision are available on the Vale planning site.

The land at the rectory, in preparation for the planned development, has been cleared of scrub. Concern that protected trees may have been removed during the process has been reported to the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Council met with the rector, Rev. Ormrod, and officers to discuss the possible future of the Church Hall. Further discussions are planned.

The Council has held discussions with the acting School Head and the Police over the problems of inconsiderate and illegal parking at school times. The police have agreed to attend in the near future.

Police reported on theft from the telephone coin box at the Village Green and damaged caused to a number of vehicles in Gwenfo Drive. There has also been a large graffiti ‘art work’ produced on the footbridge over Port Road. The Vale are to be requested to remove it.

The Council has met with the Vale’s architect to produce some provisional ideas for the possible siting of a new library at the Community Centre. The decision on the application for funding from the Rural Development Fund is expected from the Welsh Assembly within the next month.

Persons interested renting an allotment at Twyn yr Odyn should contact the Clerk to the Council – see page 2 for details.

Notices on the forthcoming elections are posted on the notice boards. Application material for Town and Community Councillors is obtainable from the Civic Offices, Holton Road






March Planning Updates


Planning updates


The following applications have been approved.

4, Station Road West, Wenvoe  – Retention of Garden Store/Hobby room

 2, Burdons Close,  – Installation of UPVC window to rear wall of garage

 36, Goldsland Walk,  – Conversion of integral garage to living accommodation

 Dyffryn Gardens, St. Nicholas  – Charging shed for site vehicles and proposed alterations to compost bays and concrete apron.

The council discussed the problems being encountered by unthoughtful parents parking vehicles especially at the end of the school day. There are incidents of cars parking on pavements leaving no room for prams to pass, damaging grass verges, parking on yellow lines at road corners which were installed to allow children to cross the road safely, parking so they prevented the use of drop kerb areas, preventing users of the Village Hall exiting the car park etc. School parking is a problem throughout the county because certain parents feel to have to park as close to the school as possible are not prepared to walk any further than necessary. The police will be requested to attend occasionally when possible and issue warnings etc. Protection of the grass verges will be investigated.

The new junction at Brooklands Terrace is expected to come into use in early March, four weeks behind schedule. Hopefully the signal timings will allow for a smooth flow of traffic and public transport around Culverhouse Cross.

The trees in Grange Avenue have been trimmed, and one felled, making them safer without having to fell them all




February Planning Updates


February Planning Updates


The following planning applications have been approved.


 35, Burdons Close, The Grange. – Convert the rear half of the double garage to a habitable room.planningupdate


 Plot 84, The Grange, Port Road – Alteration of the approved dwelling including a rear conservatory extension.


 Wenvoe Community Centre. – To fell the tulip tree


The finance committee recommendations for the forthcoming year were accepted by the council. The present local level of precept payments will be retained at their present level. There will be a slight increase in a few of the council charges.

The application for a grant from the Rural Community Development Fund for the construction of a replacement building has been submitted. At this stage of the process we are required to demonstrate the need and its benefits to the community. If the application is approved we will then have to draw up design and costings before obtaining final confirmations of the grant. A successful grant would hopefully see construct of a new building next year.

There are cases of graffiti appearing around the village again. The Vale were requested for assistance to remove an offensive word on a section of fencing, telecoms will be approached about the spray on the windows.

The Brooklands Terrace intersection, with its new traffic light control and bus lanes, is planned to come into service by mid-February. The Council were informed that the work plan is running about two weeks behind schedule.

The Community centre floor has been sanded and varnished with a light coloured stain.




January Planning Updates


January Planning Updates


The following applications have been approved.


51, Gwenfo Drive, Wenvoe – Proposed two storey side extension and single storey front extensionplanningupdate


Grange Avenue, Wenvoe – Fell one tree and reduce crown and canopy of 3 trees


Brynheulog, St Andrews Road, – Proposed construction of ménage.


The application to remove 5 Silver Birch trees fronting the Bellway development has been granted for only two of the trees which will be replaced during the next planting season after the road works are completed.


Low cost housing.

Following last month’s proposals additional correspondence on the present position regarding the sale of the affording housing at the Redrow and Bellway development sites and what actions had been, and were being, taken in the search for first time buyers interested in the available housing, the Council agreed to permit possible purchasers to be sought from outside the Vale but they would have to demonstrate that they had some strong present or past connection with Wenvoe and its surrounding area.






December Planning Updates

December Planning Updates


The following applications have been approved.

44 Walston Road. To install a raised platform/concrete base with wooden fence on top of a boundary wall.

Land at The Rectory, Wenvoe. Development of 12 dwellings and associated infrastructure

Outbuildings at Sutton Mawr, Waycock Road Change of use of existing outbuildings to ancillary residential accommodation

Land outside St Lythan’s Park, Old Port Road. Raising of canopy to tree 'T7'


The proposed diversions of footpaths 21 and 22 through The Grange site are to be the subject of a planning inspector’s enquiry to be held in April next year.

Low cost housing. Purchasers have to be first time buyers and are charged 70% of the purchase price. The other 30% is owned by the housing association but canplanningupdate be purchased from them. At the present time there are 3 properties at the Redrow site and 4 at the Bellway site available. Under the present rules these are only available for Vale residents and families including aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces. Before applicants are sought outside the area the council considered greater effort should be made to find local purchasers. The council agreed to discuss the possibility of seeking purchasers from the Cardiff area next spring after all other avenues have been exhausted.

Councillors received a report on a recent meeting between the Vale 106 officer, councillors and library representatives relating to replacing the library building.

The defibrillator should now be installed in its box outside the Community Centre and the initial demonstration on how the equipment is used will have taken place. If you would like to attend a demonstration on the use of this vital piece of equipment please contact the Clerk to the Council (see page 2) who will arrange an additional course(s) when he has sufficient numbers, usually around 20 participants.

Allotment wardens reported on a bonfire on the allotments that got out of hand and resulted in the attendance of the fire brigade to extinguish it.

The two fir trees on the Village Green have been removed resulting in an improved appearance of the area.




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