Library Life after Lockdown


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Library Life after Lockdown

Following almost four months of lockdown, the directors and volunteers of the library are chomping at the bit to bring the virtual world back to reality. We have not been sitting quietly but have been busy planning an exciting programme of events to include trips, visits, book sales, musical evenings, workshops, talks and of course the Village Show. We are sure that you are itching to join us on a bus trip – Covid permitting, we were initially thinking of Bath and Tenby. If you have any requests, please let us know.

Limerick Competition

Competition 8 – 12 year olds

Design an illustration for a cover for your favourite book. We will print the best entry in next month’s What’s On and display all entries in the library for all to see when we are next open.

Eager Readers Some of the new titles for children

Clwb Clonc – Our library’s Welsh language group were treated on March 12th to our second virtual storytelling session. A range of stories this time from the legend of the Unicorn to classics of Welsh Culture with a new twist presented by: – Fiona Collins – a Welsh learner who has been a stalwart of the storytelling community in Wales for many years; Gwen – an accomplished newcomer; Ffion Phillips – a young storyteller from Llanrwst who has a sparkling future ahead of her as a performer. Many thanks to Eirwen Malin for organising this event.

Sylvia’s Book of the Month.

The Paris Library by Janet Skelsien Charles

This book has been recommended to me. It is based on the World War 2 story of the heroic librarians at the American Library in Paris. Reviews describe it as an unforgettable story of romance, friendship, family and the power of literature to bring us together. I can’t offer a review as I have only just started it, does sound like a really good read. If anyone has read it, please send us your thoughts.

Quiz Time

This was written by James Harvey a sought-after quiz master from Singapore. Thirteen questions, thirteen answers, each answer begins with a letter from the words: WENVOE LIBRARY. Just to make it more challenging the letters are not in order.  If an answer has more than one word, use the first letter of the first word, e.g., if an answer was William Shakespeare, you would use the W. Tip: if you don’t know an answer, move to the next questions. As you eliminate letters it will narrow down the possible starting letters for the missing answers.

1.Tom Riddle was better known as Lord?

2.Short story writer William Sydney Porter used what pen name?

3.Which writer created the Famous Five and the Secret Seven?

4.What was Zadie Smith’s multi award winning first novel called?

5.What is the family name of the writers of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre?

6.Which Brothers Grimm fairy tale was used as the basis for the Walt Disney animated film Tangled?

7.What is the name of the fantasy trilogy written by German author Cornelia Funke?

8.What is the name of the main character in the His Dark Materials stories, played by Dafne Keen in the recent Tv series?

9.In Shakespeare’s play, the title character Timon comes from which European capital city?

10.Which actor played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series?

11.What is the name of the Sally Rooney novel that’s just been turned into a TV adaption?

12. What is George Orwell’s real name?

13.What colour is the road that the heroine Dorothy has to follow in L Frank Baum’s fantasy novel, declared to be ‘America’s greatest homegrown fairy tale’?

Answers Here



Colourful Harvest Display

A Colourful Harvest Display

In 1866 a visitor to Wenvoe church and churchyard commented on the “churchyard being prettily planted with flowers”. If the same visitor had visited the churchyard over the weekend of our Harvest Celebration he would have seen the churchyard cross prettily decorated with straw bales and pumpkins and apples, to celebrate the limited way in which the church kept the Harvest in 2020. The cross was decorated by Mike and Glenys and Sandra, and we extend to them our thanks for such a colourful display. The COVID restrictions, now in force, meant that all our normal activities, of decorating the church and having the children of our “Pebbles” group, give us a presentation of what harvest means to them, were for this year put on hold. However Vicar Jon had decided that he would present a harvest service on Facebook, as part of our regular virtual worship. The children from Wenvoe C in W school were filmed singing and reading “harvesty” things and it was a joy to see and to hear. During the Saturday we invited offerings of tinned and dry goods for the Food Bank in Barry and we were amazed at the response, and it needed two car loads to take the items to the Food Bank, who were so grateful for the contribution the people of Wenvoe had made yet again, when the Food Bank are in so desperate need of food for those families who are finding it hard to cope at the moment.
Well done and thanks to all who made a contribution.

Jude took a photo of her car showing some of the many bags handed in during Saturday

No Memorial Service
This year because of the COVID resrictions, there will be NO ceremony at the Village War Memorial. Vicar Jon will be using his 10.30 service on Facebook as a virtual Remembrance Day service including the two minutes silence which all can join in at home. There has been much thought about this and in agreement with the Chairman of Wenvoe Community Council this is how Wenvoe will remember its sons who died in the two world wars and the many other wars since. The theme of this year’s commemoration by the Royal British Legion is to be “Coming Home” and their appeal is to help the wounded who returned home with their lives shattered in many cases. So please Support The Poppy Appeal as you have in previous years. All charities have reported a great loss of income in these difficult days, but the “Legion” has so many dependent on their help, so buy a poppy and wear it with pride.



1989 – Pre-Covid Reminiscence

Happy Photographs From The Summer Of 1989

For seventeen years I was fortunate to be a class teacher in Gwenfo Church in Wales Primary School and for many of those years I was the class teacher of Year Three , seven and eight year olds. These happy photographs were taken in the summer of 1989. For three or four years running I was able to take my class on a trip to New Wallace Farm in Wenvoe. John Thomas was the farmer and he was delighted with the idea of showing the children around his farm. It reminded him of when he was a pupil in the old village school and they would be taken on nature walks. Lesley Opie often helped out on these visits and she discovered these photos. For the first two visits we walked the class to the entrance of the Golf Club road where Colin Webb would meet us with a tractor and a large trailer with hay bales down the middle. There was great excitement as the children climbed up on the trailer. We went along past the entrance of the Golf Club and out to New Wallace Farm. John Thomas met us and climbed up on the tractor. We travelled around many of the fields while the children were told about the beef cattle and sheep. It was often a bumpy ride which made it more exciting. On our return to the farmyard the children were treated to orange squash and biscuits while they sat on hay bales in one of the barns. John Thomas’s wife Iris provided the refreshments which was very kind.


We were then taken back to the main road and then we walked back to school. The children wrote thank you letters to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. One year Mr. Thomas had trouble with his tractor and so that the children would not be disappointed Mr. David Phillips of Vishwell Farm came all the way to school to pick up the children with his tractor and trailer and took us out to New Wallace. Happy days! Lesley Opie and I have put our heads together and come up with the names of some of the children in the photos. Theo Davies, Helen Anning, Ben Gillespie, Jane Hardwick, Katy Fundell, Alistair Matheson, Richard Griffiths, Torsten Patel, Joseph McCann, Nicola David, Sam Hooper, Bethan Rees, Christina Evans, Michael, Naomi Davies and Susan Chaplin. Also in the photo are Lesley Opie, John Thomas and me Sandra Jones



Wenvoe’s Commitment



By the time we are reading this edition of ‘What’s On’, we will all be aware of the speed with which our trustworthy community organisations are responding to the challenging times we face, so that everyone in the village remains connected and supported during the period of social distancing and self-isolation. This, together with social media schemes and the support which we will continue to share as individuals with our neighbours and friends, will ensure no-one is forgotten.

Key support will come from Wenvoe Neighbourhood Watch, the Community Council, Vicar Jon, Priest in Charge of Wenvoe with St Lythans, and local suppliers and there is useful information below and on pages 4-5.

Together we will be able to practise the individual and collective responsibility as outlined by the Government and by looking after each other, we can make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community.



Novembers Walk


Across Wales, there are over 350,000 carers who provide unpaid support to a loved one who is older, seriously ill or disabled. Whether you care around the clock or for a few hours a week, in your own home or for someone elsewhere, caring can have a huge effect on our lives and plans. Looking after someone can be tough, and lonely. If you find yourself in this position and would like to join a small group for a walk, where people will listen to you and you have the opportunity to enjoy some time to yourself, then meet us at Barry Island railway station. December’s walk will be on 23rd December at 10.30am, to avoid any clashes with Boxing Day activities!



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